Tranås/Stenslanda 7” single Pink

100 kr
Tranås/Stenslanda 7” single (coloured vinyl)

Limited run of 7” coloured vinyl in two colors, transparent magenta/pink & transparent red. 300 pieces of each colour.
The red one will be sold exclusively on Kites webshop + live shows

A: Tranås/Stenslanda
B: Hopelessly Unholy (orchestral version)

Tranås/Stenslanda was released digitally on November 2019, and now for the first time on vinyl.
Hopelessly Unholy was originally written for the movie ”The Perfect Weapon” starring Steven Seagal, but was never officially released. This "orchestral version" was arranged for Kite´s concerts at the Royal Opera in Stockholm 2019, with help from composer Jonas Valfridsson and Jukka Rintamäki. Note however that this is a studio recording - not live.